Emma Blackery Just Explained The Entire History Of North Korea

19 August 2016, 10:48 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

emma blackery north korea

By Charleyy Hodson

Sit back and learn a thing or two from Miss Blackery.

Amidst all the conversation about Louis Cole *potentially* working for the North Korean government to produce propaganda on his YouTube channel, Emma Blackery has stepped in to explain things a little better. This week, she's taken a break from her usual line up of comedy/music themed content to educate us all on the history of North Korea as she believes "education is the way to eventual peace".


You see, after Louis posted a series of vlogs of him documenting the "positive" and "beautiful" side of North Korea (such as all it's water parks and prime surfing spots), the people back home got to wondering whether he had been paid to promote such a different perspective to North Korea than we usually hear about. Because of this, Louis was accused of creating propaganda for a country with a rich tapestry of controversy to it's history.

In the beginning of her 17 minute response vlog, viewers are told straight up why Emma is making such a different video on her channel; "It's an important topic to me... and I'm honestly fascinated by the country". In fact in the description of the video, Emma is kind enough to list a bunch of books on North Korean history for fans to read if they're interested in discovering more for themselves, including a link to website detailing how people have even "defected from North Korea". Please watch.

Now we're not just going to watch Emma's video and write down all the key points below, because Emma is (in her own words) "somewhat educated" about the history of North Korea as it's one of her "passion projects". However we do have the delight of telling you that the video has been spread far and wide over social media, with both fans and creators thanking Emma for her hard work and decision to talk about the country in an accurate light, instead of focusing on water parks and surfing.

Whilst there has been no word from Louis Cole yet on Emma's contribution to North Korea's recent coverage, some fans on Twitter have fought back against Emma saying that her video was from a "Western perspective", claiming that it was a "Wikipedia" view-point of history. In true Emma style though, she put these people in their place. But how do you feel about the video? Let us know in the comments below.


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