Emma Blackery And Luke Cutforth Are Proof That A Breakup Doesn’t Have To Suck

17 May 2016, 09:49 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

emma blackery luke cutforth

By Charleyy Hodson

This is honestly the most mature thing we've ever seen.

Life happens, right? People go places and things change, but ultimately the main goal in life to be 100% happy in the things we choose to do. And that's precisely what Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth have done... by breaking up with each other and ending their three year relationship. But before you freak out and call us idiots for saying a breakup is a good thing, just watch their amazing announcement video and see what's up.

The video, which we gauge was filmed six days ago (about the same time Emma kickstarted her INCREDIBLE tour with Busted and Wheatus!), sees Emma and Luke casually explaining that not only was the breakup a "mutual decision believe it or not", but that "it was for the best" because they were both ridiculously busy and they "barely saw each other". The reason why we think their breakup is not only the most mature but the HEALTHIEST thing we've ever seen, is because they both determined how sour their relationship would turn if they stayed together and decided to take the best course of action and just remain best friends.

Whilst the pair continue to act friendly and cuddle through the entire video, Luke goes on to explain why their relationship would not have lasted under the strain of their busy schedules; "This is good, we're happy! We're chill. She's going on tour with fricking Busted. I'm making a film. We're happy for each other". In fact, the most important reason they had for making the breakup video in the first place was to make sure fans knew that they were 100% fine, and that not only was it a mutual decision, but that Emma and Luke were still absolutely best friends through and through -"We're best buds! We're friends to the end".

Before the video is through, Emma and Luke take it in turns to go on each others phones and find their next boyfriend or girlfriend via Tinder, with Emma matching with someones butt (seriously) and Luke making a connection with another person called Luke! Following the video, Emma has shown upset on social media for some news sources using their breakup as a means for clickbaiting or gossip, however, here at We The Unicorns we feel that the news of their split should actually be seen as an influential message to their fans that breakups don't have to be vicious or painful, and if people were as mature as Emma and Luke, there would be a lot less upset in the world.


The duo end the video by thanking each other for the "fantastic three years" of their relationship, before having a quick cuddle and saying goodbye. The video is a must watch for anyone going through a tough time in their love life by proving that not everything needs to be treated like a soap opera - sometimes people just need a break! Oh and btw, Emma reveals that Luke "cried like a bitch" - do want you want with that information!