Now People Are Begging For Zoella To Appear On Emmerdale And We Can't Deal

10 February 2017, 11:40 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

zoella on emmerdale

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

This is seriously wild and out of control.

Zoella and Emmerdale. Zoe Sugg and The Dales. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg The Internet Queen and a Yorkshire soap. It doesn't matter how we phrase it, we simply cannot stop laughing at the thought of Zoe sticking on her wellies and heading to the Yorkshire Dales to hang out at The Woolpack.

Not sure what we're on about? Well, it seems Coronation Street isn't the only British soap opera associated with Ms Sugg as Zoe's fans are begging producers for Zoe to make a guest appearance on Emmerdale. And although we're not quite sure how Zoe herself feels about it, we have to admit that we'd be tuning in every night to see how Zoe got on on the farm.

It all began in a vlog where Zoe and bestie Mark Ferris were hanging out and discussing the National Television Awards. Mark, in his endearing accent, told Zoe that Emmerdale had won but pronounced it "Emma-Dahhhlll". Cue Zoe becoming very confused.

"And I'm like 'who the flip is Emma Dahl? Roald Dahl's daughter?" replied Zoe. Insert a ton of laughter here as Zoe struggles to understand Mark's accent with Mark having to explain he meant the soap! As you can imagine, Twitter went a little bit crazy and even Emmerdale themselves got in on the act after fans started asking them if Zoe and Mark could make a cameo on the show!

Even Emmerdale actress Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle, got involved and it's pretty obvious she'd like to see Zoe on set. Maybe the pair could even collab on a beauty video?

We're yet to see either Zoe or Mark reply but, as it turns out, Zoe is a huge fan of the show having discussed it on Twitter back in 2013:

We'll keep you updated if Zoe or Mark make an announcement about a cameo bur, until then, keep your fingers crossed! Having already been mentioned on Coronation Street this week, we reckon an Emmerdale appearance would suit her down to the ground!