Erika Costell's Latest Video Proves Just How Fake Team 10's Vlogging Really Is

18 September 2017, 10:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Erika Costell's Latest Video Proves Just How Fake

By Josh Lee

Hands up if you're not even shocked though.

Team 10's penchant for exaggeration has been called out yet again after one Twitter user exposed how Erika Costell used more than a little artistic licence to set the mood in a recent video.

In the video, entitled "Lost In The Woods (Terrifying)," Erika is apparently stuck in a forest after dark. "It is now about 8:30," she says nervously, explaining that the park had closed at 6:30 so there was nobody there to help her.

However, one keen-eyed Twitter user spotted that this was in fact complete nonsense, as her phone clearly displays the time as 5:52. It's also been suggested that the video has been artificially darkened to create an atmosphere - considering the patches of sky visible in the video still look perfectly light.


After the less than shocking revelations that Jake Paul and Erika Costell's relationship was 100% fake, the world has been casting a magnifying glass over all things Team 10. But when they're barely even trying to cover up the excessive artistic licence in their videos, it doesn't take much effort to see through the fakery.

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