Here's EVERYTHING We Learned From Phil Is Not On Fire 7 (In GIFs!)

30 November 2015, 13:24 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

The Most Important Video Of The Year

In case you've been living in some sort of black hole inside of a cave, inside of another cave, you will know that YouTube senpai(s) Dan Dizzle and Phillip J. Amazeballs FINALLY released the much-anticipated " target="_blank">PINOF 7 just yesterday. We have all the highlights you need in your life right here - in the form of delicious, nutritious GIFs:



That's news in itself, buddy.


pinof here we go


2. We Found Out Where Vloggers Come From

Birthed in the basement of Google itself.


phil mother


3. We Saw Phil's Underwear ... Yep.

Not only is Dan not on fire, he's also NOT impressed.




4. Phil CANNOT Do A Scottish Accent

The official language of Scotland is apparently nonsense.


5. There Is Apparently Gross Liquid Inside Phil's Mushroom

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to write headlines like that.


wet thing


6. We Found Out What D&P; Would Want On Their Gravestones

And it's just what you'd bloody expect:


animation (61)


dan ughg


7. ??????



animation (59)


8. They Have An Amazing Music Career On The Horizon



animation (62)


9. We Got A Peek At Their Camera Rolls


animation (63)


animation (64)


10. This ... Happened.

I mean, you try coming up with a description of this, man.




11. Phil Is A Skilled Musician

Play dem spoons, son! This gif also syncs up with basically any song you play - ENJOY.


animation (66)


12. Friendship Can Overcome Any Physical Challenge




Of course this only scratches the surface of the madness and genius encapsulated in this lil nugget of video gold. Why not watch it again? Go on, treat yo'self: