Over 1.8 million people sign petition to have Etika buried at YouTube HQ

26 June 2019, 17:03

Etika. Picture: Instagram: @etika / Getty: Smith Collection/Gado

By Rachel Finn

It comes after a video resurfaced where Etika talks about his final wishes.

After news of the death of YouTuber Etika - real name Desmond Amofah - was confirmed yesterday, a video has resurfaced in which the YouTuber speaks of his wishes to be buried in front of YouTube HQ.

In the video, Etika talks about how when he dies, he wanted to be buried in an unmarked grave in front of YouTube HQ in California.

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“If etika is gone it’s our duty to make sure this happens,” wrote a user, who re-posted a clip of an old streaming video of Etika’s online. ‘Let me get this out of the way right now in case I ever do go…I want to be buried at the YouTube headquarters in LA. Put me right in front,” Etika said in the video.

He explained: “I want my tombstone to read no b**ch n*****, that’s all, don’t put my name on it. I want a silver coffin and at the f**king funeral the only song I want to be played, is Anime P***y… if you guys can remember that."

“Years from now when I pass away, you guys have an archive of my final desire. This is what I want,” he said.

Since the video was re-discovered, a petition has been launched to honour Etika’s wishes. It currently has over 1.82 million signatures.

Etika was confirmed dead by police in New York on Tuesday afternoon after he was previously feared missing after posting a video in which he seemed to express suicidal thoughts. His belongings were later found on Manhattan Bridge.

Since his death was announced, many YouTubers have come forward with touching tributes to the gaming YouTuber, including PewDiePie, James Charles and Keemstar.