A YouTuber is being called out for clickbaiting Etika's death for views

27 June 2019, 15:18 | Updated: 27 June 2019, 15:28

Etika / Imjaystation
Etika / Imjaystation. Picture: Instagram: @etika / YouTube: Imjaystation

By Staff

People are accusing Imjaystation of pretending to do the 'Ouija Board Challenge' with Etika for clicks.

YouTuber Imjaystation has been called out for clickbaiting a 'Etika Ouija Board Challenge' video for views.

Imjaystation - real name Jason Ethier - posted a video to his channel yesterday (June 26) which was originally titled ‘etika ouija board challenge at 3am!! (gone wrong)’ and featured an image that suggested the video would feature imjaystation attempting to contact Etika via a Ouija board, a format of video the YouTuber has previously used after the deaths of Mac Miller and XXXTentacion. The original title is still visible through Google search.

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But once clicked, the video was not an ‘ouija board challenge’, but a video in which imjaystation speaks about YouTubers sharing mental health issues “for attention” and apologises for his previous Ouija Board videos.

Imjaystation's original video title
Imjaystation's etika ouija board challenge original video title. Picture: YouTube: Imjaystation

“I just got back from the middle of nowhere in an insane asylum, I checked Twitter right now and I saw the most horrific news I’ve ever seen, honestly guys and it comes from comments on my YouTube channel telling me ‘you better not do the Ouija Board Challenge on Etika’. Hell no, I’m not gonna do the the Ouija Board Challenge on Etika,” he says.

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He then proceeds to call out other YouTubers who he accuses of only sharing their tributes to Etika “for attention”.

“So what if your YouTube video doesn’t have ads? Donate to that shit. If you’re not donating to Etika or his family or mental health when you’re tweeting about it or you’re making a YouTube video about it, you’re doing it for attention bro”, he says in the video.

“I looked up Etika as soon as I heard about it and I saw a bunch of comments, like people made actual videos about Keemstar. Yeah it’s Keemstar's (fault) because he’s hard on mental health, YouTubers just putting up ‘ah, I’m depressed, guys, I’m depressed, I’m breaking down, I got depression, or, I did something bad, it’s because I’m depressed… He’s hard on that shit because you know what, it’s true bro.

"These YouTubers are doing this, making five different videos about being depressed. I’m sad too bro, but I’m not about to say I’ve got depression. ‘Cause you know what, if you didn’t feel like Etika did, you haven’t got depression my dude, you’re doing it for attention. So next time you’re sad, suck it up bro… you don’t know what it feels like to feel like Etika felt”.

He then apologised for making his previous Ouija board videos, saying: “I want to say I’m sorry for making this Mac Miller Ouija Board video, the X(XXTentacion) video, because it’s not until recently, like last week and Etika where I really thought about it, it makes me disgusted. I want to say I’m very sorry.”

Imjaystation has since changed the title of the video to ‘None of u youtubers donated yet! Shame!’, but that hasn’t stopped people online call the YouTuber out for being disrespectful, not only for the misleading title and photo used with the image, but for using Etika's death for his own apology video.

Meanwhile, Etika’s fans have launched a petition to have his old channel restored. It’s currently been signed over 380,000 times.