A petition to get Etika’s YouTube channel restored has been signed by 380,000 people

27 June 2019, 12:03

Etika. Picture: Instagram: @etika

By Staff

Etika's main channel was originally shut down last year.

Fans have launched a petition to get Etika’s YouTube channel restored - and it’s already gained over 380,000 signatures.

The YouTuber was found dead earlier this week at the age of 29 after being reported missing. Fans have since responded by launching a Change.org petition to get YouTube to restore many of Etika’s old videos to the platform.

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Over 1.8 million people sign petition to have Etika buried at YouTube HQ

Etika’s YouTube channel was removed in October 2018 after he allegedly posted explicit content. Etika later started a second channel, from which he posted a video shortly before his disappearance where he seemed to talk about having suicidal thoughts. Fans are now hoping to get Etika’s original channel restored so his videos can act as an archive of memories of the late YouTuber.

“Desmond 'Etika' Amofah was a legendary YouTube streamer / entertainer, he pioneered YouTube Gaming and put the platform on the map with his insanely entertaining streams and loyal fan base,” the description of the petition reads.

“He was loyal to YouTube Gaming from the beginning. We the YouTube community and the Joycon Boyz, demand that his YouTube channel be reinstated so his legacy can be archived. Years of memories are gone due to his misconduct of a few uploads, and we think someone who has done so much for the YouTube platform should be allowed to have his greatest moments archived on YouTube forever.”

It comes after an old video of Etika resurfaced, in which he speaks about his final wishes, speaking about how he wanted to be buried in front of YouTube HQ. The petition now has over 1.5 million signatures.

Since the announcement of Etika’s death, many YouTubers, including James Charles and PewDiePie have come forward with tributes to Etika.