The EU Wants YouTube To Make Hate Speech A Thing Of The Past

25 May 2017, 15:57 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

New rules proposed by the European Union aim to tackle hate speech, extremism and violent video content - by making sites like YouTube directly responsible.

Extremist video content is currently on the rise across the internet; but the European Union are planning to put pressure on sites like YouTube to curb it once and for all. Because new rules proposed by EU ministers will put video-hosting sites in charge of removing offensive content and hate speech themselves - or risk a hefty fine.

hate speech european union youtube

The proposed rules are still at the first stage of becoming law.

They are not yet public; but it is believed that the rules will make sites where video is an "essential part" of the service (like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) accountable for removing videos deemed as hate speech, sexually explicit or violent. National laws have struggled to find ways in which to tackle the problem themselves; so the EU aims to curb the problem with one governing rule.

EC vice-president for the digital single market, Andrus Ansip, believes “We need to take into account new ways of watching videos, and find the right balance to encourage innovative services, promote European films, protect children and tackle hate speech in a better way.”

These laws come after YouTube have already been dealt a blow in their "Adpocalypse".

Advertisers have been pulling their support from the platform after ads kept appearing next to extremist content; therefore causing widespread concern amongst the creator community.

Facebook has also been facing its own issues in curbing violent content; just last week an attempted murder-suicide on Facebook live was just one of a string of unchecked violent videos.


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