The Try Guys' Eugene Lee Yang comes out as gay in incredible new video

18 June 2019, 12:19

Eugene Lee Yang
Eugene Lee Yang. Picture: YouTube: The Try Guys

By Staff

The video has already raised tens of thousands of dollars for an LGBTQ youth charity.

Eugene Lee Yang has come out in an emotional and stunning video that doubles as a fundraiser for an LGBTQ youth charity.

The video, called ‘I’m Gay’, was written, directed and choreographed by Eugene, seemingly shows different parts of his coming out journey, charting tense moments with parents, friends, the church and in a nightclub, with a nod to the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The video is part of a fundraiser for the Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organisation for LGBTQ young people. It features music by Odesza and has already raised over $75,000 for charity with over 8 million views.

Posting on Twitter about the video Eugene explained: “I created this music video as my personal way of coming out as a proud gay man who has many unheard, specific stories to tell. I withheld because of fear and shame shaped by my background but I promise to give my full truth in the rest of my life's work.”

Speaking to PRIDE about the video, Eugene also added that the video was not just about him and how he hoped the video could act as a symbol for the struggles others might be going through: “It's kind of my creative exploration of one's journey of being anything under the LGBTQ umbrella, and so ideally by exemplifying moments in my life, and expressing it through dance and movement, and through cinematography, and styling, hopefully that it speaks to a lot of people, and that it could represent parts of what they went through."

Euguene is not the only YouTuber to come out this Pride Month. Last week, Dan Howell’s posted a video called ‘Basically I’m Gay’, explaining: “I always wanted to upload this next video in the month of june ended up taking an entire year longer than i thought but here we are again and now it is time."