Eugenia Cooney announces break from social media to work on her health

12 February 2019, 12:44

Eugenia Cooney social media break
Picture: Twitter: Eugenia Cooney

TW: This article contains subjects that readers may find distressing

YouTuber Eugenia Cooney has announced that she will be taking a break from social media to 'work with her doctor', after an extended period of concern from her fans.

Fans had raised concerns after the creator appeared to be losing weight in a way that some felt was unhealthy, or even dangerous. Eugenia's latest Instagram post, in particular, attracted a large number of concerned comments from fans, who worried about Eugenia's low weight.

Similar comments were posted on her latest video, with fans and fellow creators alike urging Eugenia to seek professional help, for what they perceived to be an eating issue.

A previous hiatus from social media had even made some fans worry that she had died, but these rumours were unfounded.

Now, she's announced she will be taking a break from social media

Eugenia has never spoken publicly about her weight or anything related to it, but she posted a tweet on February 10th, saying:

"Hi guys! I appreciate the concern. I’m taking a break from social media and voluntarily working on this with my doctor privately. Please respect that."

There was an outpouring of support from fans

We wish her all the best with this next step.