Eva Gutowski Just Dropped An Amazing Clothing Line And It's A Dream Come True

26 July 2017, 14:35 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Eva Gutowski

By Liam Dryden

What happens when you're an adventurous woman who needs clothes to match every possible occasion?

So every YouTuber wants to eventually release merch or a product that just screams "ME"; as in, something that reflects the best version of themselves. So when we heard that Eva Gutowski's brand new clothing line is described as "the most aesthetic clothing for the most beautiful people", it seemed like a perfect fit. Much like the clothes of the "It's All Wild" range themselves.

eva gutowski it's all wild clothing line

Eva Gutowski's brand new clothing line is called "It's All Wild".

The website, which hosts the exciting range of clothes and accessories, describes the range as "a minimalistic dream-wardrobe that looks flawless all the time, whether you have a European country as your backdrop, or your home town." The concept came out of Eva's dissatisfaction with the kinds of clothes she needs a life of both travel and fashion.

"[Eva] was constantly disappointed when she’d shop online and end up not finding anything at all that she wanted, or finding something that fell apart within the week," claims the site. "She constantly thought Why was no one making clothes that I want to wear?"

The line currently consists of a mix of accessories and clothes; ranging from Ł8 pins to Ł52 dresses.

eva gutowski it's all wild clothing line

The reveal came with a dramatic promotional video on Eva's channel MyLifeAsEva; depicting her on her jetsetting adventures around idyllic locations, wearing her gorgeous new range.

Watch the announcement video below.

Congrats to Eva on her exciting new range!

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