How to make your photos 3D on Facebook

17 October 2018, 16:35

facebook 3D photos
Picture: YouTube: Poppy
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

3D glasses not needed

Facebook has not had the best year, with a steady stream of privacy breaches and the release of a brand new product that is so terrifying I wrote a whole article begging people not to buy it. It seems like the ol' Zuck squad can't catch a break.

Happily then, I can report that Facebook have just started pushing out a new feature - and it's actually really cool. You can now upload pictures to Facebook, which the site will dynamically make 3D, all without the need for 3D glasses.

You may have already seen them start to appear in your Facebook feed, although it has not been rolled out to all users just yet.

How do you upload a 3D photo to Facebook?

The process is simple, but requires a fancy phone. If you have an iPhone that has 'portrait mode' (that's any iPhone from the 7 Plus onwards), you will be able to upload portraits pics to Facebook, which will automatically 3D-ify them for you.

how to upload 3d photos facebook
Picture: Facebook

To upload in 3D, make sure you're on your phone, then head into the 'add new post' box and then tap '3D photo'. Facebook will then pull up all the portrait mode pics on your phone for selection. You can then adjust your chosen pic and upload it.

You can then move around the photo using your finger on mobile, or your mouse on a computer.

What will YOU make 3D? The only acceptable answer is pictures of dogs, thanks.