Fans Think Alfie Deyes Has Left Gleam And Here's Why

27 November 2017, 11:04

Alfie Leaves Gleam
Alfie Leaves Gleam. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The end of an era?

All signs seem to be pointing towards Alfie Deyes having left Gleam Futures. Alfie is, or rather, was, one of the biggest names on the management company's roster, but now it appears as if they have parted ways. This comes shortly after Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee announced that they are leaving Gleam to start their own business venture.

He has vanished from the Gleam website

Gleam's homepage is literally a big wall of headshots of all their signed creators. Zoe Sugg is there, as is Alfie's sister Poppy, but the man himself is nowhere to be seen. The site has been this way for weeks and it's hard to believe that it would merely be a mistake.

Gleam Futures' website
Gleam Futures' website. Picture: other

He keeps talking about a new company

Alfie would be a noticeable loss for Gleam, especially so soon after Joe and Caspar parted ways with the company. Alfie was one of the main faces of the brand. Gleam still has Zoe, and a huge number of other famous YouTubers however, so don't expect them to go anywhere any time soon.

Fans are already reacting as if he has left Gleam

We reached out to Gleam for comment but have received no response.