Stalker Fans Just Broke Into This Major YouTuber’s House And It's Creepy AF

2 October 2017, 10:05 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Stalker fans major

By Josh Lee

FaZe Banks was left feeling "violated" after four fans broke into the house he shares with his social media squad, the Clout Gang.

"Someone snuck into our house," Banks revealed in a video uploaded to YouTube on 29th September. According to Banks, the four culprits also recorded in the house without his permission.

Banks said that he was able to retrieve the footage from the culprits, and that the police were assisting with the case.

Though he was visibly angry about the situation, Banks said he "sympathised" with the four people who had broken in

According to Banks, he was able to have a conversation with the culprits. "I was trying to talk to these kids just person to person," He explains. "But this kid did not wanna meet us or hang out with us or be cool with us. He wanted to exploit us," he added.

"This is our home," Banks continues, pleading with his fans to not trespass on his property. He also admitted that he was in the process of hiring security as a result.

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