Here's How YouTubers Are Fighting Against Female Genital Mutilation

1 August 2016, 15:37 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

“This cut might be irritating, but some cuts are life destroying.”

Over the next month, you may start to see your favourite YouTube videos edited with extremely "disruptive" or "brutal cuts", but don't worry because your browser isn't broken. What's actually happening involves a charity called ActionAid and one of the most dangerous and illegal non-medical practises to still be happening in 2016 - Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

As part of a campaign with ActionAid, YouTubers, bloggers and Instagram stars will be editing "brutal cuts" into their media in order to raise awareness for FGM and the devastating effects it has on the mental health, lives and future of girls aged 4 to 12 in Kenya. Even though the procedure is deemed as a "human rights violation" by the World Health Organisation across the planet, the amount of young women at risk of Female Genital Mutilation is at "an all-time high" - and this is where social media plan to help.

By editing short, 10-second cuts into their videos to raise awareness of the practise, YouTubers are working to raise awareness for the transportation of young girls to Kenya now that it's "cutting season" (a.k.a the beginning of summer holidays) as it allows the body the longest recovery period. You can see an example of this campaign in action in Scola Dondo's video below at precisely 4:56.

If you want more information about FGM, read the paragraph below Scola's video but be warned, there will be explicit language some readers may not be comfortable with.

Female Genital Mutilation - or FGM - is the practise of "female circumcision" or"cutting" the female reproductive organs. For non-medical reasons, girls have their vagina, clitoris or labia "cut, injured or changed" against their will. Not only is FGM "ruthless", but "it can cause severe bleeding and lasting health problems. When you look at the faces of young innocent girls who are helpless and are afraid of undergoing the cut - you feel very sad and angered".

If you want to know more about the campaign and how you can get involved, please check out the official ActionAid charity website and reach out to their organisers for more information on raising money to "provide safe centres for girls escaping FGM in Kenya".