This 24-Hour Fidget Spinner Marathon Is An Emotional Journey

30 May 2017, 15:56 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

MrBeast and LispyJimmy have been trying to spin a fidget spinner for 24 hours solid and it's surprisingly gripping viewing.

Fidget spinners can go for a very long time. In fact, one spin seems to last forever; although, thanks to the internet destroying our attention spans (thanks internet!) what feels like forever is only actually a maximum of just a few minutes, according to science. Apologies for any bubbles burst there.

fidget spinner andrew huang

But that's just with one spin. Spin it multiple times and it really could go forever. The task then stops being about physics, and becomes a test of human endurance. And that's where things get exciting.

And so, the fidget spinner marathon challenge was born

Over the past week two YouTubers - MrBeast and LispyJimmy - have been trying to see who can spin a fidget spinner for longer, with the goal of keeping one of the gadgets on the move for a whopping 24 hours solid. MrBeast, the creator behind such riveting videos as 'Counting To 100 In One Video' and 'Reading The Entire Dictionary In One Sitting' claims that he has already spun a fidget spinner for the full 24 hours, but sadly the proof was too big to upload to YouTube. And as the laws of the internet clearly state:


The pair took to livestreaming to prove their fidget spinner spinning prowess.

The first attempt took place on May 13th. Things got off to a flying - albeit monotonous - start. MrBeasty was doing pretty well, until just after the 12 hours and 20 minute mark, where this happened


Which was swiftly and inevitably followed by this:



Then there was LispyJimmy's fidget spinner marathon attempt.

A week later on May 20, LispyJimmy took up the challenge. He managed to beat MrBeasty by a whopping five hours, getting all the way to 17:43, when this happened:


That deserves some slow motion, right?


Finally, LispyJimmy managed to crack 24 hours

On Friday, LispyJimmy did was MrBeast could not. On livestream, in front of millions, he crossed the 24-hour mark. and if you've ever wanted to see the purest form of joy, watch this reaction gif of him completing the challenge:


If the mood takes you, you can watch the final three hours of the most strangely gripping endurance test to hit the internet in quite some time below:

 You can also make music with a fidget spinner, if endless spinning isn't enough for you.

Find out how here.