YouTube Let A Disgusting Florida High School Shooting Conspiracy Video Trend Worldwide

22 February 2018, 11:17

David Hogg, Florida High School Shooting survivor
David Hogg, Florida High School Shooting survivor. Picture: CBS2

By Josh Lee

The video was taken down yesterday.

YouTube were forced to apologise after a video claiming that student survivors from the Florida high school shooting were actors paid by anti-gun organisations reached number one on the websites Trending page.

The video, which attempted to "expose" student and survivor David Hogg as an actor placed at the scene of the shooting, climbed to the number one worldwide trending spot and amassed hundreds of thousands of views before it was taken down on February 21st.

Why was this Florida high school shooting conspiracy video allowed to trend?

In a statement, YouTube explained that "Because the video contained footage from an authoritative news source, our system misclassified it. As soon as we became aware of the video, we removed it from Trending and from YouTube for violating our policies. We are working to improve our systems moving forward."

This is the second major incident where YouTube's algorithms have promoted inappropriate content this year.

At the beginning of 2018 YouTube were heavily criticised after a Logan Paul vlog featuring footage of a real suicide victim's body was allowed to trend worldwide, exposing the macabre footage to millions of young people. Even after his original vlog was removed from the Trending page, re-uploads swiftly climbed up the chart.