WATCH: Flula Weirds Out One Of The Most Famous People At The Olympics

11 August 2016, 16:36 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Flula dons a wig, calls himself a tiger, plays bad ukulele and gives what might be the weirdest interview of Michael Phelps' Olympic career.

There has been plenty of YouTuber-based coverage at this year's Olympics - but it's safe to say that none of it has been as entertaining or as baffling as Flula Borg's. The German musician-actor-potential-character has been making some incredible videos with some of the world's most athletic people; and his latest with swimming legend Michael Phelps tops them all.

In a bizarro "Between Two Ferns"-style interview, Flula spends an entire minute and a half in the presence of the most decorated Olympian of all time - and spends the entirety of it being delightfully weird. There's a lot of pretending to be He-Man's tiger, a bad wig, and "serenading" Phelps with some dodgy ukulele playing. It's short, but it's the most important Olympics-based content you'll watch today; if only for the priceless reactions from Phelps.