Fortnite Just Broke An Insane YouTube Record And People Can't Believe It

19 April 2018, 11:48

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Just how big is this Fortnite? THIS big.

Fortnite, and specifically it's Battle Royale mode, continues to dominate the world of streaming with no obvious end in sight. Now, the uber-popular third person shooter has done the impossible: it has knocked Minecraft off the YouTube top spot.

Minecraft has utterly dominated YouTube for over a decade, with no game ever posing any kind of threat to the game's total dominance of the platform. There are a large number of YouTubers who have become literal millionaires off the back off Minecraft's stratospheric popularity - I mean, have you seen CaptainSparklez house??!

Now, for the first time, Fortnite has taken Minecraft's crown, and become the number one game on the site.

fortnite youtube minecraft
Credit: Matchmade. Picture: Matchmade

Matchmade states that Fortnite accumulated 2.4 billion views in February alone. And while it took nearly two years for Minecraft to hit one billion views on YouTube - Fortnite did it in just five months. In case you haven't noticed - this game is somewhat popular.

But that's not all

YouTube's head of gaming has tweeted out that Fortnite now holds the record for the most videos related to a video game uploaded in a single month ever. That's insane.