You Can Now Become A Funko Pop Vinyl Figure And Dreams Do Come True

9 May 2017, 13:14 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Here's how you can finally Pop yourself - or maybe even your favourite YouTubers.

So if you own one of Funko's Pop Vinyl Figures, chances are you own half a dozen more. Because while we're still waiting on a YouTuber collection; so many of our favourite pop culture characters have already been immortalised - and it's hard to stop collecting them.

funko pop vinyl pop yourself

But in spite of all this, you've no doubt asked "Hey, Funko; when will ya let me make a custom Pop Vinyl of myself??" You can't deny - we all want to have an adorable little giant-headed version of ourselves to sit as a desk buddy. Well, you're almost in luck, because Funko's latest feature on their site will put you one step closer to imagining that dream as a reality.

Funko's new online feature "Pop Yourself" is the chance to finally make yourself into a vinyl figure.

funko pop vinyl pop yourself

It might just be a digital version for now, but Funko's website now boasts a beta character creator-style page to immortalise yourself in their signature Pop Vinyl style. You can choose from a pretty wide range of body types, skin tones and accessories to make at least a fairly accurate version of "your alter ego, your inner child, your evil twin—whatever you're in the mood for!"

pop yourself funko pop vinyl

While we wait for the fateful day in which Funko finally drops those YouTuber Pops that we crave, Pop Yourself will be a handy substitute. And who knows - maybe one day, they'll add a little "Add To Cart" button?

You can check out the Pop Yourself page here.

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