The Gabbie Show Shares Emotional Video Of RiceGum's Alleged Assault

30 March 2017, 09:56 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

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By Charleyy Hodson

Here's the whole story so far.

On Wednesday 29th of March, The Gabbie Show shared an emotional flurry of Snapchats to her account detailing an alleged physical situation she found herself in with fellow YouTuber, RiceGum. The story seems to be that during a mutual friends birthday party, the two fought after Gabbie approached Rice with the intent to clear the air, but it resulted in Gabbie's phone being smashed and RiceGum accused of assaulting a woman.

Since the Snapchat story went live, the Internet community had been flushed with conversation as to whether or not these events are true or false, with very few eye witnesses coming forward to share what really happened. Gabbie Hanna has since uploaded a video to her own channel explaining her side of the story with more thought and clarity, after she admits her Snapchat story was very emotional.

Here's The Gabbie Show and her series of events:

She recalls how she approached RiceGum to talk and clear the "beef" between the two of them after they each posted videos on YouTube roasting each other. However, annoyed by Gabbie being in his face and Snapchatting him without his permission, Gabbie states that Rice allegedly got very violent with her. In addition to grabbing her phone and smashing it to the floor, he twisted her arm and left her body with a series of scratches and bruises.

Gabbie admits that the "violence in that situation was so far beyond normal" that she was frightened, but wanted to make her YouTube video to make sure people didn't get the impression that RiceGum had "beat the shit out of [her]". Since her video went live, Twitter interactions between the two of them have been extremely heated, as money has been exchanged and Gabbie has been accused of lying.

In the tweet above, Gabbie shares a (now deleted) video showing Rice mocking her scratches by suggesting that they were faked for the camera. She's also shared screengrabs of RiceGum sending her over $2000 to fix her broken phone, but then "begging" for money back as he accidentally sent too much. She has also reiterated that she is not accusing Rice of beating her up, or punching her in the face.

Only one eye witness seems to have come forward so far, and states himself to be an unbiased friend of both parties involved. Romeo Lacoste, who was at the party and talking to RiceGum when The Gabbie Show approached them, recalls the "violence" that took place between the two of them and makes an effort to make it clear that there was no physical fight involved at all - he goes so far as to say that RiceGum never even touched Gabbie.

Romeo admits to seeing RiceGum smash Gabbie's phone (which RiceGum has since apologised for and admitted he has done previously with other phones), but makes it known that he did not see Rice hit Gabbie, twist her arm, or wrestle her to the floor - a scenario that Gabbie keeps stating is true.

An official video from RiceGum is coming soon, and we will keep you updated on the story as it happens, but this is all we know so far.

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