Gabi DeMartino Called Out Sssniperwolf For Accusing Her Of Copying Ariana Grande

21 September 2018, 12:59

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Picture: Instagram
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Gabi was not happy

Gabi DeMartino has hit back against fellow YouTuber SSSniperWolf after she included her in a video about 'girls who want to be Ariana Grande so bad'.

The video made fun of various girls who appeared to be copying Ariana's style - or even just fully pretending to be her in public. The inclusion of Gabi is strange as the pair are supposed to be friends.

Needless to say, Gabi was not pleased. She tweeted to SSSniperWolf (real name Lia) saying:

"Oh hi. your welcome on the views sis. glad my face can do that for you. great example to your following by bringing women down. i really liked you. you were very sweet to me in bora bora. i don’t understand this lack of maturity from you."

She then also posted a full response video to issue.

She said: "I felt very belittled, mocked and more so humiliated... No matter what the intention was, that was bullying. And for someone who speaks so strongly about mental health, that’s f*cked up.”

Gabi's twin sister had a curious response

Gabi's twin sister Niki confessed to being torn on the issue. On the one hand, she didn't like her sister being insulted, but on the other, she considers Lia to be a good friend - and so didn't understand how this had happened.

However, she then indicated that she had spoken to Lia and that "it's being handled"

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