Gabriella Lindley Just Confronted SHOCKING Twitter Troll

3 June 2016, 12:28 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Do you believe Gabbie was right to address them?

After recently reporting that Tyler Oakley had been dragged into a Twitter feud over the "mass-marketisation of queerness", it appears that another YouTuber is having to defend themselves after spiteful trolls post a stream of shocking messages directed at their profile. Gabriella Lindley, aka Velvetgh0st, shared an image to her Twitter followers last night highlighting pages of abusive messages she had been receiving from an account called Cliona Deeds.

Even though Gabbie has since deleted her tweets, her fans went on to hunt down the troll and give them hell for being so hateful and rude to their favourite YouTuber. This has since resulted in the Cliona Deeds account being suspended by Twitter for their inappropriate behaviour to other users on their social media platform. Gabriella even went on to say that clearly Cliona was "obsessed with her" because she's "the Regina George to their Janice Ian" - 100 points for the Mean Girls reference Gabbie!


The trolls messages ranged from personal attacks, comments on Gabriella's physical appearance and even shocking suggestions that she should "THROW [HERSELF] OFF A BUILDING"... it's no wonder their account got banned really, is it? Whilst profiles like this exist everywhere, and sadly individuals in the public spotlight are rarely safe from anonymous abuse and trolling, it's nice to see Twitter responding so quickly to this attack following their announcement earlier this week that they would be tackling hate speech.

This new situation seems to be happening in a very busy period of Gabbie's life following her birthday, her bisexual announcement and potential rumours that there may be a new Primark collaboration on the horizon. We're 100% certain Gabriella can handle herself against trolls on the Internet, so we praise her for confronting the attack head on and letting her followers know that this sort of behaviour is simply unacceptable.


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