Why Did Instagram Remove This YouTuber's Trans Pride Post TWICE?

27 July 2017, 15:07 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Trans YouTuber

By Liam Dryden

Gaby Dunn had her Instagram post showing solidarity with the trans community removed TWICE - and look at what managed to stay up.

The YouTube community had a lot to say yesterday in response to Donald Trump's proposed ban on transgender people joining the military; but many, including comedian Gaby Dunn, just wanted to show their support for their trans friends family and followers. However, Gaby found her efforts were being made difficult in unexpected ways.

Instagram immediately removed Gaby's photo of the transgender pride flag - twice.

gaby dunn instagram

Gaby's posts, an image of literally just the blue, pink and white flag, were both removed seconds after posting; because according to Instagram, the image "does not follow our Community Guidelines".

The photo could have been pulled for any number of reasons, including a potential spam detection (a lot of people were posting the flag yesterday) or detecting a coyprighted image. However, as a test, Gaby tried uploading a fairly different flag to see how long it could sit without being pulled. You won't be surprised by the result.

Eventually the trans flag post was left up.

After her experiment with the American flag, Gaby tried one more time to post the trans pride flag; and miraculously, this one stayed on her profile. So it's a total mystery as to what was really the cause for its removal the first two times; but we're glad Instagram finally gave her the opportunity to show her support.

Let's try this again now that the American flag has stayed twice.

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Watch Gaby's video response to Trump's announcement below.

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