Here's The First Page Of Oli White's Book, Generation Next

14 March 2016, 13:45 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Get comfy, it's story time!

We announced back in January that Oli White has a book on the way for his cactus fans, but now we have even more fantastic news. If you head over to YouTube right now, you can have Oli White tell you a bed time story as he reads the very first page of his debut novel, Generation Next. Are you ready for this?

The very opening paragraph of his novel seems to be about limos, The Four Seasons Hotel and being "hours away from the most important moment of your life", as well as multiple Easter eggs for fans to spot and decide whether Oli is talking straight fiction or in fact writing about himself and his life as a YouTube sensation. Either way, he "really poured [his] heart and soul into" the book and was bursting at the seams to read everyone a section from his brand new baby.

Also announced in the video is a brand new limited edition version of Generation Next, after the first signed preorders sold all 2,100 copies almost immediately. Coming only to Waterstones, you can now preorder the 'Exclusive Edition', which contains extra material from the main characters including extracts from their school yearbook - plus there's more to come, but it's a secret for now...

With 78 days (at the time of writing) until publication, Oli's Generation Next book tour is already selling out all over the country, so sorry folks from Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester, you'll have to travel a bit further afield to see Generation Next up close. Don't worry though, tickets are still available for London, Newcastle upon Tyne and Leeds.

Generation Next

The main book is still available for preorder in Australia and New Zealand, plus a whole bunch of other countries across Europe and Asia. Have you ordered your copy yet?