Everything You Need To Know About Oli White's Second Book

25 January 2017, 11:20 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Oli has announced a second book and we have all the info you need right here

Oli White has announced that he has a second book on the way, so we’ve collected all the information available so far, so that you can have all the information at a glance – perfect for your life as a busy, jet-setting Wall Street executive.


1. What is it about?

The book is titled 'Generation Next: The Takeover' and is the second book in the 'Generation Next' series. "[The book] features the same characters," Oli explains in the video. "The plot follows the characters after they have left school, and centres on the gang doing a 'takeover' at "the world’s largest music festival".


2. When is it out?

The book will be released on the 6th April, 2017.


3. How was it announced?

Oli revealed the new book via a comedy sketch on his channel that co-stars some familiar faces:

4. Can I preorder it?

Yes indeed! You can pre-order it right now on Amazon.

If any more information comes out about the book, we'll be sure to update this article. Have a great day.