Gigi Gorgeous Is Getting DRAGGED Online After Calling Herself "Broke" And "Homeless"

16 October 2017, 10:56 | Updated: 9 November 2017, 10:10

YouTube user Gigi Gorgeous

By Josh Lee

Gigi Gorgeous has sparked anger online, with fans accusing her of making light of poverty and homelessness after the YouTuber shared a vlog entitled. "When I Was Homeless and Broke in LA (True Story)."

Assuring fans that this vlog was not clickbait (reader, it was), Gigi relived the night she was "homeless, with absolutely no money."

So what happened to Gigi Gorgeous?

In the video, Gigi and her sister Tiffany explain  how they went to take a room at a hotel, assuming Gigi's manager would cover the costs. Unfortunately for Gigi, her manager had brought someone to the hotel with him already, so they sad to sleep on the couch.

"We were on the couch, we were like 'this is so fucking uncomfortable. we need to leave,'" Gigi recounts on the video. Real Mary and Joseph, Away In A Manger stuff here.

The pair nobly decided to spend the night at a smaller hotel, which they described as "compromising." After all, "we were both a little poor," Tiffany explains in the video. Particularly Tiffany, who had brought no money because "I thought I was going to be staying at this free place."

But after hearing strange noises at the second hotel, they decided to flee. They went back to Gigi's manager's apartment and waited around the back of the apartment. Sadly, nobody came. So they fell asleep next to the apartment block until the morning.

Gigi described the evening as a "full-on homeless night in LA."


Fans were not impressed by Gigi describing the situation as being "homeless"

On YouTube, the video received a whopping 4000 dislikes (for comparison the video she uploaded before this one only received 783 dislikes), while fans made sure their complains were heard in the comments section.

Lots of viewers used the comments section to give Gigi a reality check on what it really means to be struggling with housing and money. "I'm currently undergoing a financial crisis and might soon have to take a semester off college to work full time and afford food and rent," one fan wrote. They added: "I clicked on this thinking I'd feel much better but all I saw is a spoiled little brat telling an unfunny blatant lie. How tone deaf."

"Staying at a sketchy hotel for one night by choice and then leaving the hotel by choice because you were being dramatic is not homeless," one astute fan pointed out.





Gigi Gorgeous has not responded to the backlash.

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