These Comments On Gigi Gorgeous' Break Up Video Need To Stop

12 December 2016, 14:03 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

These people are just sick.

The fact that this video from Gigi Gorgeous even exists is bad enough to begin with but unfortunately, Gigi recently announced that her relationship with Nats Getty has come to its natural end. Although Gigi admits to "still caring about her", some fans are being incredibly rude on social media. The worst place for all this negativity seems to be on the video in which Gigi gets emotional about the split - and it needs to stop immediately.

In the video below, Gigi shares her "life update" about her relationship with Nats finishing. She decides she "needs to stop running" away from things in her life and begs fans to stop posting pictures of the couple together; "It kills me to see photos of us on Instagram and stuff. And seeing her. I'm f*cking crying, We broke up". However, some fans are taking this pain one step too far by leaving the nastiest comments ever beneath the video.

There seems to be two trolling school of thought in the comments on Gigi's video; one being that Gigi is now "straight" having broken up with her same-sex partner, and the second being that Gigi is only sad now because she won't be able to go on anymore "private jets". Honestly, the fact that people genuinely believe that someone's relationship is based on money or that sexuality can change instantaneously is shocking enough, but to post it beneath a video in which someone is clearly heartbroken is just shocking.

Other comments include "I would be crying too if my billionaire gf broke up with me" and "bye bye private planes", but thankfully a larger portion of the comments are sending the love and support she needs. Gigi also took to Twitter tell fans how these nasty comments were making her feel "sick to [her] stomach" and don't seem to stop, but thanks everyone else who has been "extremely supportive and sweet".

We'll be sending Gigi all our own love and support during this rough time, and hope that she'll soon see all this vicious trolling come to a stop.