Gigi Gorgeous Opens Up About Her Sexuality - "I'm A Lesbian"

15 September 2016, 10:25 | Updated: 9 November 2017, 10:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

She shared such a incredible video and message with her fans.

YouTube may have been a platform originally designed for people to post videos to share with friends, but it's now being increasing used for creators and personalities to share their lives with a massive audience. In 2016, one of the main topics of conversation YouTubers are having with their fanbase revolves around their sexuality, and in a brand new coming out video, transgender star Gigi Gorgeous as come out as a lesbian.

In her "extremely personal" video, Gigi talks about her two previous coming out videos in which she reveals her gender and sexuality to be that of a homosexual male-to-female transgendered individual.

However, after she did "a lot of reflecting and examining on who I am and who I've become", Gigi is ready to tell the world that "from this point forward [she] is a lesbian". You can watch her intimiate confession below:

Gigi states that one of the main inspirational figures behind her coming out video was Ricky Dillon and his recent video discussing his own sexuality. She says that she shared the same feelings of uncertainty with her sexuality before she "fell in love with someone, and that person happens to be female".

Whilst she admits to being confused at first, Gigi admits that the right person just came along in her life and she knew immediately that she was her soulmate.

After her reveal, Gigi takes the time to talk to viewers who are struggling with their own sexual identity by reinforcing the fact that she "literally found out [she] was a lesbian in this year of [her] life, and [she's] 24". The moment for her that made it clear she was a lesbian happened when she met her current girlfriend, Nats Getty, and felt something she had "never experienced" before.

Congrats Gigi - you're such an incredible role model!

We're sending Gigi Gorgeous all our love and support as she continues her life as an out lesbian with her beautiful girlfriend. Please go over to her social media and spread the love!