GloZell Shares Sad News About Second Surrogacy Miscarriage

21 February 2017, 11:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Our thoughts are with GloZell and her family.

After exciting news back in August 2016 that GloZell had welcomed the birth of her first daughter O'Zell Gloriana De Green into the world, we couldn't wait to see what the family had coming next. But, in the most recent episode of her Awestruck series dedicated to her surrogate pregnancy journey, Glozell shares the sad news that her surrogate mother will be having a miscarriage after health complications.

In the episode, titled "GloZell's Miscarriage", she sadly breaks the news that her second baby "is not going to make it" after her surrogates hormone levels fell to a "low positive" range: "Shawna will be having a miscarriage. That's the crazy part about this now... we're waiting. We're waiting on this to happen". To make matters even worse, GloZell and her family found out the sad news on Valentine's Day.

This pregnancy was GloZell's ninth round of in vitro fertilisation, and was understandably overjoyed to find out that Shawna was pregnant back in January earlier this year. Things didn't go smoothly for Shawna from the beginning, with her hormone levels "never getting higher". GloZell even says that she was having to go into the hospital "every two days" to get her "blood tested". However, at only seven weeks pregnant, doctors have taken Shawna off the medication so she can "pass what was growing inside of her".

Even though GloZell previously made it clear that she would not be having another go at IVF treatments, she has since felt inspired by Shawna's willingness to "do it again" and is looking into a 10th attempt. In GloZell's words, "10th time's a charm". Her desire to have another child stems from her want to give daughter O'Zell a sibling: "I think that she needs to play with somebody and have somebody to deal with her parents. Who wants to put up with me by herself?!".

After sharing the news of the miscarriage on YouTube, GloZell took the time to thank fans over on her Twitter for their "thoughts and prayers during this time".