Google Just Can't Stop Giving The Middle Finger To Gingers - WTF?!

9 June 2017, 10:41 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Theo Araby-Kirkpatrick

The battle for a redhead emoji is so close to being finally over, except for just one thing...

This year's emoji update brought us dinosaurs, steam rooms and vampires, but even with those freshly released there's already requests for what to include next year.

The demand for a ginger emoji has been shown in thousands of outraged tweets, a 2-year long petition and even newspaper coverage. At last, 2% of the population looked like they'd finally got themselves represented in emoji form in the next update (scheduled for June 2018 at the latest). Cause for celebration, right?

Well, almost. If you're an iPhone user fire up Gboard and search "ginger".


Bet you weren't expecting that. It seems that when you type 'ginger' into the Google emoji board, they quite rudely give you the middle finger.

ginger emoji

But why is this happening? Does Google just not care about the struggle? Is this back to square one for our flame-headed friends? Well not quite.

In conversation with mashable, a Google spokesperson has explained the mistake. Because the emoji isn't named 'Ginger Person' (and also isn't out yet) the closest thing it can find is 'Finger'. Pretty unfortunate. He claims Google are actively working to correct this. With a year until the prospective emoji comes out you have to assume this will be fixed by then. Best not tell this guy though.

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