Grace Victory's Brand New TV Show Is Pioneering Body Positivity - And We're So Emotional Right Now

7 July 2016, 11:30 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

grace victory bbc3

By Aysen Miller

The Internet's big sister dishes out clean eating secrets.

Clean eating is everywhere - Instagram, YouTube, magazines and - the worst culprit - diet plans. It is ubiquitous and you cannot escape it. Like all trend-led obsessions they had to begin from somewhere and the world of clean eating secrets isn't far away from food bloggers and Instagram. And we can't think of anyone better to get to the bottom of this than Grace Victory.

The YouTuber has been working with BBC3 to explore one of the biggest debates out there- body positivity and our relationship with food.

All along, Grace has been getting fans involved and we can now reveal the documentary will be hitting your screens very soon.

This isn't the first time that Grace has spoken out about weight and body image as she shared a video online called NAKED which she said was for those who have "ever battled with body image issues, self-harm and an eating disorder" in hope that they can relate and learn to love themselves.

And alongside BBC3, Grace is back at it again. Dubbed "the Internet's big sister", Grace ventures on a deep dive into clean eating extremes and no doubt a lifestyle change that will test her determination. It's another exciting project for Grace Victory as she experiments with the macro trend clean eating and explores the latest "fad-diets" and their potential consequences. From going vegan to visiting dieticians, Grace vlogs her time trialling what is said to be the best way to eat and meeting with food specialists.

But how much of this information is scientifically proven, or is it simply the beliefs of so-called 'green juice gurus'?

p0406dc3 Photo Credit: Katie Rice

Tune in to BBC Three on Monday July 11th to see Grace Victory dish the dirt on clean eating secrets and follow her journey as she attempts to find the healthiest, happiest version of her.

Let us know if you'll be watching in the comments below. We definitely cannot wait!