These YouTubers Are Being Sued - And Markiplier Is Coming To Their Rescue

26 May 2016, 16:09 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Markiplier, JackSepticEye and tons of other YouTube stars are rushing to help these YouTubers - here's why

H3H3 Productions, a YouTube channel that I have long held is one of the best on YouTube has had a rather controversial year. Due to their fondness for calling out people for being jerks/unoriginal, they have found themselves embroiled in a variety of different 'beefs' over the last few months which have ranged from hilarious to more serious. Now, though, they have found themselves stuck in battle that is more than just words - no: things have got legal. H3H3 are in trouble - and guess what? Big YouTubers like Markiplier have got involved. More below the video:



YouTubers have long relied on a legal principle called Fair Use, that is in place in the US (it varies in other countries). Long story short, Fair Use lets you use someone else's creation (i.e copywrited material) as long as you are parodying it, or generally doing something where you add something new to it. In other words, you can't just take someone's video and re-upload it (though people still try to), you have to do something creative with it. H3H3 have always relied on this when making their parody videos but now a YouTuber 'Bold Guy' - a pick-up artist.


Bold Guy is incidentally one of the most bizarre/boring YouTubers out there.

But the YouTube community has rallied around H3H3, with many YouTubers offering their support. YouTube legend and all-round nice man Philip DeFranco set up a GoFundMe account and encouraged people to donate to aid Ethan and Hila's with their legal fees. He started things off with a WHOPPING $5000 donation (gotta love PhillyD) and other YouTubers soon followed suit. Check out how nice these people are:




Even Leafy, who H3H3 has had beef with recently, put aside their differences and contributed to the cause:


Even Minecraft creator and Billionaire Notch got involved: