Hackers Just Deleted 'Despacito' From YouTube

10 April 2018, 15:56 | Updated: 13 April 2018, 17:28

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The song has now been restored. But tons of huge music videos were also affected

Hackers have struck against some of YouTube's most popular videos, even managing to temporarily delete 'Despacito', the most watched music video and video in general in YouTube history. The video was then restored by YouTube, after they regained control of the situation.

The hackers also changed the video titles for other videos including Taylor Swift, Shakira, Drake, Selena Gomez, Drake, Chris Brown and DJ Snake.

One Shakira video had the phrase 'free Palestine' added to its title, among other things.

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Picture: YouTube

A YouTube spokesperson told BuzzFeed News to "contact Vevo directly" in response to an email seeking comment.
Buzzfeed say that Vevo did not immediately reply to their request for comment.