You 100% Missed Halsey’s Twitter Fight With These YouTubers

6 March 2017, 11:32 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

The tweets were deleted almost immediately.

Last week, Halsey held a very secret and very intimate listening party with 100 of her most hardcore fans, where they all "cried" and listened to her new music together. Whilst the rest of her fans were thrilled to know that new music is on the horizon, Christine Sydelko decided to publicly drag Halsey for doing the "most Halsey thing Halsey has ever done". It didn't go down well...

Here's the tweet Christine did that ruffled the singers feathers.


After quote retweeting MTV's tweet about the intimate gig, Christine had a world of abuse thrown her way after Halsey herself weighed in to defend her music, her fans and her publicity ventures. She started out by pointing out that she had "met up with fans who sold me millions of albums", before asking Christine to "shut the f*ck up and let people like things".

Here's a handy roundup of all five tweets aimed at Christine during their argument:

Before she predictably deleted her Twitter rampage, she states that Christine is "making fun of literal KIDS" and that she expects people to call her out for "overreacting". She ends the whole mess by declaring that she's "done #rude #edgy". But she clearly isn't, because after seeing what Elijah Daniel, Christine's best friend (fiancé?!) and vlog partner, had to say about their public fight, she started going off on him as well.

Firstly, Elijah asked whether "Halsey thinks bing bong was a diss track", in reference to a previous parody video on their YouTube channel where they remade the Chainsmoker's song 'Closer' shot-for-shot, but having replaced every single word with "bing bong". He then says that "Halsey going on a 15 tweet rant about bing bong" was his kink, before this tweet was quote retweeted by Halsey herself and he was dragged into the drama.


She points out that she "was clearly talking about ur friend saying my fan interactions were 'the WORST' but sure lmfao make me seem like I'm over reacting go awf" [sic]. After this, all three of them were fast to delete their argument, with only Christine continuing to talk about the situation by applauding how much she was dragged by Halsey and her fans.

What do you think about this whole Twitter battle? Should Christine have dragged Halsey, or was she totally within her rights to express her opinion? Let us know in the comments below.