Halsey Fans Just Won't Leave Niki DeMar Alone

12 June 2017, 16:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Theo Araby-Kirkpatrick

Deleted tweets and videos, and does anyone really own blue hair?

Over this past weekend Gabi DeMartino noticed something pretty shady about Halsey's newest style. Namely that it's the same one her sister Niki has, and that is not okay! With a fandom like Halsey's involved, things naturally exploded pretty quickly.

Here is the (now deleted) tweet that caused it all


Pretty similar aesthetic, right? Certainly more than just blue hair. Even so, Gabi very quickly felt the full force of Halsey's twitter following. According to them, both of the twins are just ripping off Halsey or Arianna anyway. Niki has always called Halsey an influence and even devoted a whole video to when they met at Coachella!


Unsurprisingly, having one of her idols set their fanbase upon her caused Niki some distress. In a (now deleted) video she explains the effect of the situation on her and even breaks down in tears. In the video she claims to have tried addressing things privately but was ignored while the hate just kept on coming. Ever the supportive twin, Gabi deleted her initial tweets to try and calm things down. She still stood up against all the bullying that was going on through this retweet, however.


By the next morning Halsey must have had at least a little change of heart as she sent Niki a very long direct message. In it she still had to explain how she did blue hair first, but encouraged Niki to keep on with her own thing. Apparently she ignored her before because of a twitter glitch. Meanwhile over on her own timeline Halsey put out a photo of herself having blue hair back in 2014 and just 1 line addressing mean fans.

To try and end all the drama, Niki pulled herself together and uploaded a 15-minute video with full production explaining the whole story in a calm and even way. Halsey fans still don't think it's enough of an apology but should Niki even be apologising in the first place? Given her history of deleting tweets and setting fans on people with much smaller accounts we know that Halsey's fandom can get out of hand. There seems to be nothing but good vibes between her and Niki now though, right?