Hannah Hart Gave A Very Important Message About Racism & Privilege In Red Carpet Interview

31 January 2017, 10:44 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:46

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

This is why Hannah is the best.

Hannah Hart used an interview at the 2017 SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards to talk about the impact the award-winning film 'Hidden Figures' had upon her. The film tells the true story of a group of African American women who helped NASA to launch their first successful space missions, while still having to deal with institutionalised racism in every facet of their lives. Hannah says the film helped her 'check her privilege.'



She then goes on to talk about the impact privilege can have on people, even if they are well-meaning. She reminds people to 'recognise the things you haven't had to experience'. The video below should automatically skip to the part where she talks about this subject: