Hayes Grier Posted A Topless Selfie For The Weirdest Reason

1 August 2016, 09:45 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is one way to prove you're okay!

In case you missed the news rocking social media last week, Hayes Grier was hospitalised after getting himself into a pretty scary dirt bike accident. Well, you can now blow out the candles and finish your prayers for his safety because Hayes just reassured all this fans that he's safe and sound... with a topless selfie?!

Yes, instead of warming comment from Nash or a video to explain that he's back home with his family, Hayes decided the best way to inform his millions of concerned followers that he is indeed alive and well was with a topless picture. As you can tell from the photo, which we've included below for the sake of journalism and definitely not to stare at, his body is covered in scratches and a large bandage around his waist where a previous tweet confirmed he had "fractured" his "top two ribs".

Photos from his home and hospital bed have been shared across social media, along with an explanation of events that caused his hospitalisation, which he described were "part of having fun". Now, we're not big dirt bike riders here on We The Unicorns, so if you can make sense of this tweet and translate it in the comments below we'd be super grateful... all we know is that Hayes is "battered but ok";

"I was givin her the berries over a jump in my backyard, shifted up on accident. I had too many berries. And went a little 2 far"

After all the trauma of his accident, it appears that all Hayes wanted to do was get out of hospital as it was "'bout time to do something fun, done nothin but sleep and had doctors put needles in me, I'm straight off all that. Smile, move forward". We're pleased to see Hayes on the mend, and we're certain his fans would love to see more topless photographs of his road to recovery. Maybe us too.


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