Hayes Grier Gets OFFENSIVE On Secret Twitter Account

3 May 2016, 15:35 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

He's really going to regret some of these tweets...

It's common knowledge now that if you want to follow a celebrity, they will 100% have a social media platform for you to connect with. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or more, it's now easier than ever to engage with celebrities and experience every single one of their thoughts. However, for Hayes Grier, having just one Twitter profile wasn't enough - so he opened up a second account in secret to tweet out some of the weirdest and cringiest things we've ever seen.

By definition, Hayes' secret Twitter account should still be a secret, but when he accidentally linked it up with a personal email address some crazy fans who could see this email account on their iPhones noticed the update and made the connection. Basically, Hayes accidentally made his private Twitter public by broadcasting it's existence to all his fans who somehow obtained his private email address. Yeah, we don't really know where to begin with this news either.


Whilst the account, @hazeandzan, was quickly deleted, we were able to hop onto our laptops and take a peak inside the Twitter account that was never meant to be seen by the general public - and for very good reason. The profile was seemingly used to boast Hayes 'love' for multiple women in addition to his lifestyle consisting purely of rap lyrics, smoking weed and dragging so called 'friends' on the Internet.

The account, which was followed and tweeted at by real-life friends of Hayes, was deleted after hundreds of die-hard Grier fans started following the account and acknowledged some of his more ~i n t e r e s t i n g~ tweets... particularly ones where he blasted Pierre Balian for being a "b***h a** n***a". However, we can reveal that Hayes followed Kanye West on the account FIRST, and tweeted about his loving dog Zan quite a lot.


We were able to grab some of the most ludicrous tweets before the account was shut down, and you can find some of Hayes' most regrettable musings below:

Here, we see Hayes sharing some intimiate thoughts about his stance on relationships and love.



We believe this tweet was in defence of a conversation he was potentially having in real life?!



I wonder what Pierre has to say about these thoughts...



Hayes would also like you to know that he "woke up and blew 2 fat ass backwoods" as well.



This is when Mr Grier REEEALLLY wanted you to understand how tough and badass he is.



Some inspiring rap lyrics to end your day.



And finally, ICYMI, here is every single account Hayes' secret profile was following. You might see some familiar faces (including himself).