Hello Lab Is The New TV Network Entirely Focused On Internet Stars

15 February 2016, 14:49 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We can't wait for this show to finally start.

Forget keeping all your favourite internet personalities in one space. The time has come to revolutionise the way we consume social media stars - and AT&T; seem to be leading the curve. Over the next 12 months, AT&T; will be working with 10 of the most influential digital personalities to launch their new initiative, Hello Lab.

Hello Lab was created in order to help out influencers with special projects, video series, albums, podcasts, live events, giveaways and much more. The hope is for AT&T; to expand it's reach and fund as many social media stars as possible, but the starting line-up is pretty impressive with YouTube goddess Grace Helbig and Vine sensations Us The Duo leading the debut initiative.

Teaming up with the digital network Fullscreen, Hello Lab will act in the same manner as YouTube Red in the way it gives digital creators the freedom to create THEIR content, the only difference is that you might see slightly more sponsored cellphones popping up from time to time.

In a statement, Grace Helbig spoke about her excitement to work with Hello Lab, “The great thing about this program is that AT&T; is really taking the time to figure out what is important to us and our community then finding ways to let us explore those creative ideas. They’re putting faith into a girl that talks to a camera alone in sweatpants. They get it". 

Hello Lab

More social media stars include former basketball pro Brandon Armstrong, Snapchat star Shaun McBride and magician Collins Key. “Today’s influencer-brand relationships are too transactional in nature. Too often, [influencers act as] hired guns asked by brands to promote a new product. We want to flip that on its head by making a long-term commitment to the community”, says VP of Advertising at AT&T;, Valerie Vargas.

When more details are released about upcoming projects and premiere dates, we'll keep you updated!