Here's Everything Coming In Fortnite Season 6

27 September 2018, 09:29 | Updated: 28 September 2018, 16:06

fortnite season 6 six battle pass trailer video darkness rises
Pic: Epic Games. Picture: Epic Games
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Epic Games have just dropped some reveal videos for the brand new season

Here's your first proper look at Fortnite season 6.

Fortnite makers Epic Games have released a series of videos detailing Season 6 properly, including a mysterious trailer called 'darkness rises' that hints at mystical goings-on and a video detailing what players will find in the Battle Pass this season.

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Highlights include a 'flamenco dance' emote, a 'calamity' cowboy outfit, little pets you can carry around in a backpack (hell yes), a guy with a robot dog mask (kind of looks like a DJ) and a whole bunch of Halloween-style theming.

All the new content is available right now.

And here's the details on the Battle Pass