YouTube now lets you hide channels from your recommendations

28 June 2019, 13:40

YouTube. Picture: Getty: SOPA Images

By Rachel Finn

The new changes are being rolled out this week.

YouTube has begun to roll out a big new change to how you can control what videos are suggested to you on the platform.

Starting from now on Android and iOS, and rolling out to desktop soon, the platform will now let you remove suggested channels that you don’t want to watch by clicking on the three-dot menu next to a video and selecting ‘don’t recommend channel’. This means you’ll be able to curate what content you’re suggested on the platform more carefully, rather than just relying on what YouTube’s algorithm thinks you want to watch.

YouTube. Picture: YouTube

The platform has also announced the addition of new ways to browse the site. You’ll now be able to navigate the site more easily to find the content that you want, by selecting categories related to your interests when you scroll up on the Homepape or Up Next. The platform will also let you know why you’re seeing a particular video suggestion - whether because they viewed similar content in the past or other viewers with similar interests to you have liked it.


The new changes are intended to help you navigate the site faster and find what you want, as well as giving you more control over what the algorithm shows you.

It’s not the only change YouTube has announced recently. Earlier this month, it also announced plans to ban and delete accounts that promote hateful views. They also announced plans to ban minors from streaming on the site.