H3H3's Hila Has Launched A Clothing Line And You're Going To Want All Of It

26 October 2017, 15:22 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 14:40

Hila Klein releases clothing line

By Benedict Townsend

I need that hat

Hila Klein, who you'll know as one half of h3h3productions, has released her very own clothing, by the name of Teddy Fresh.

The line features sweaters, hoodies, jackets, socks, t-shirts, and caps - and even features a little teddy bear as its logo. The line is intended to be more 'high end' than standard YouTuber merch. These aren't just novelty items, it's a genuine fashion line. Hila is an artist, so it was never going to be an amateur affair.

Teddy Fresh back was first announced back in July:

The clothes are now available to buy - and the couple even modelled some of the items on Twitter:



You can grab your own Teddy Fresh items by heading over the online store right here.

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