What You Need To Know About HIV, As Told By YouTubers

7 June 2016, 11:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Honestly, you need to watch all these videos.

Over the past few years, thanks to their overwhelming success in the digital space, YouTubers have come to be recognised as 'influencers'. Thanks to their unfathomable ability to inspire millions of people across the globe in short form videos, YouTubers are now one of the most profitable and marketable faces in the world when it comes to creating massive campaigns to spread a particular message or product - and now six high-profile creators are here to teach you about the changing landscape of HIV.

In collaboration with the Abzyme Research Foundation, the new #endHIV campaign kickstarts with six educational videos to raise awareness to millennials that the very first case of HIV/AIDs was diagnosed 35 years ago - essentially, there are some people on this planet who have never seen a life without the 'fear' of the virus. Each video focuses on areas of the virus relatable to their respective brand, with topics such as contraction, treatment and pregnancy all up for grabs.

One of the creators, Todrick Hall, sings about the '15 Ways You Can't Get HIV' in order to demonstrate that a lot of young people have no idea how to protect themselves against contraction. In fact, the CDC reported that "people under 25 now account for a quarter of new infections in the U.S"... which is very scary news.

Founder of the Abzyme Research Foundation, Zachary Barnett, discusses the HIV Beats campaign in more detail in a press release; "HIV Beats is a millennial response from a generation that has never lived with HIV/AIDS. we are thrilled to unleash so much creativity into the HIV prevention space, and also introduce younger audiences to our HIV cure efforts". You can check out the rest of the campaign videos below, which feature creators such as Davey Wavey, Catrific and even the 2016 RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen!


Here's Catrific announcing the amazing news that she's not pregnant, but that there's also less than a 1% chance of passing the disease down to your unborn baby if you take the required drugs - treatment exists people!


Davey Wavey points out how difficult it is to spot people living with HIV, but equally, that being an "undetectable" HIV suffer will greatly reduced your risk of transferring the virus to other individuals if you take the right medication. 


In this video, Amber's Closet wants you to know that not only are there so many new ways to get tested for the virus, but they take absolutely no time at all and cost zero money. So please, get yourself tested folks!


Bob The Drag Queen needs you to know that there is a one-day drug that lowers your risk of getting HIV by 90%... yeah. Know about "PrEP" and make sure you're informed about your options.


And finally, here's Zachary Drucker reminding you that HIV should never stand in the way of love thanks to PrEP and condoms that not only reduce the chances of transferring the virus by 96%, but don't diminish the ability to find love and form relationships.