iDubbbzTV’s Talks About Meeting Tana Mongeau In His Latest 'Content Cop'

8 February 2017, 13:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

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By Charleyy Hodson

On the 6th of February, iDubbbzTV uploaded his Content Cop on Tana Mongeau.

After days of radio silence, iDubbbzTV has uploaded his Content Cop video on Tana Mongeau. The video, which comes after he's been accused of physically assaulting the 18-year-old Storytime YouTuber, seeks to explain all the controversies of Tana Mongeau by using old videos, offensive language and screen-grabbed YouNow/Snapchat footage to "expose" the young creator.

In Tana's original video, she describes what happened when an unknown fan paid a large amount of money to come to her meet and greet to "physically" and verbally threaten Tana with the "n-word". After uploading the video, fans quickly realised that the unknown fan in question was in fact iDubbbzTV, a YouTuber Tana had previously threatened to "kill himself" on Twitter months before.

Tensions were high for days following the reveal, but now Ian (iDubbbzTV) has uploaded his footage of their encounter, in addition to spending 20 minutes attacking her online fame and previous misdemeanours for his Content Cop series.

The video has had almost 6 million views in just one day, as both Ian's and Tana's fandoms hurried to see what he had to say and show about their brief time spent together. The video brings together his exhaustive collection of footage showing Tana to be crying on live streams for being attacked in addition to wishing incredibly harmful things to happen to Ian, such as him "breaking both his legs" and "losing all his YouTube subscribers".

However, the most talked about element of Ian's video is the footage of his meeting with Tana, and how it highlights some of her previous depictions of his assault to be hyperbolised. Tana claimed that Ian put his arm around her throat, shouted "SAY N*****" at her, put his thumb up, stared at her with "crazy" eyes and even attempted to fight people on his way out of the building. The unedited footage of the "Tana-encounter" can be seen on his second channel, proving that none of these things actually happened.

Following the release of Ian's Content Cop, Tana went to Twitter to clear the air. She acknowledges having "made a lot of mistakes" and that she will be uploading "an APOLOGY... soon". Fans seem confused about the meaning of this, but nonetheless Tana's new video will see her "owning up to everything and hoping you'll forgive [her]". There is no current indication on when this video will be uploaded.

content cop

content cop

It's interesting to mention here that since Ian's video went live on the 6th of February, his subscriber count has seen a massive increase. In three days he's gained nearly 200,000 subscribers, with over 121,000 of them happening the day after his Content Cop was uploaded. On the other hand, Tana has seen a total loss of 15,000 subscribers and counting after Ian's Content Cop went live. The after effects of this encounter are sure to continue for a while.

We will keep you updated if this story has anymore developments.