The List Of Most Influential British YouTubers Has Been Revealed

21 March 2017, 11:40 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Do you agree with who made the cut?

When it comes to influential British YouTubers, it can actually be pretty subjective. For some people, you could name Victoria Macgrath from InTheFrow as the most influential as she's the person who makes you and your friendship group shop as much as you do. For others, it comes down to numbers and followers on social media - but is there really a conclusive answer>

Well, wonder no more, because Heat Magazine (that one who crowned Phil Lester a "weird crush") have come up with the definitive list of the most influential British YouTubers and we'll be honest, it's a bit of an odd mix. The list of 10 YouTubers - ranging from beauty stars to gamers and vloggers - features all the names you'd expect... but in a bit of a random order. Whilst Heat don't say why they've ranked the stars in the order they have, we think it's a pretty decent list anyway.

Tanya Burr gif

So, who are the most Influential British YouTubers? Here they are in descending order:

  1. Zoella, AKA Zoe Sugg
  2. KSI
  3. Joe Sugg
  4. Dan TDM
  5. Tanya Burr
  6. Caspar Lee
  7. Iskra Lawrence
  8. Louise Pentland
  9. Dina Tokio
  10. Alfie Deyes

Of course, we fully expected to see Zoe placed so close to the top of the list, and perhaps even at number one. With several books, a lifestyle range, beauty products and her Sugg Life merchandise, she's a bonafide entrepreneur by now and possibly more famous across the globe for her girl-next-door personality.

However, we couldn't help but take a step back when we saw that KSI was placed second on the list. Not as a slant to his YouTube career, which is as impressive as it undeniable, his style of content is pretty much a complete juxtapositions of Zoe's. KSI's known for being foul-mouthed and unafraid of speaking the truth - no matter who's listening. Also, some of you may remember the little drama he had with Zoe a while back...

Influential british youtubers

We're also pleased to see two smaller creators on the list- Dina Torkia and Iskra Lawrence; both being women all about empowerment and bringing together other communities, and we'd love to see more of that on the platform.

But which YouTubers do you think are missing? Should Dodie Clark have made the list of most influential British YouTubers? And what about Dan and Phil? Let us know your views in the comments below.




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