The Ingham Family are selling a doll version of their baby son and WTF

26 July 2019, 12:34 | Updated: 26 July 2019, 13:38

The Ingham Family.
The Ingham Family. Picture: Instagram:@sarahinghamofficial/YouTube: The Ingham Family

By Jazmin Duribe

Um, yeah, this is a little creepy…

The Ingham Family are actually selling their fans a doll version of their four-month-old son Jace and the internet is a little creeped out by it all.

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Basically, The Inghams are a family of YouTubers made up of Dad Chris, Mum Sarah and their kids – Isabelle, Esmé, Isla and Jace.

They all share wholesome vlogs on YouTube and have 1.2 million subscribers. However, last year, Chris was forced to deny allegations that he had been sending teenage fans inappropriate "sexual" text messages.

The Inghams posted a video titled, "WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL SECRET TO TELL - HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!" on their YouTube channel on July 19 and revealed that they had created a life-like doll to look just like their son in collaboration with doll shop Mary Shortle.

Baby Jace (the doll one, not the real one) comes with a shawl, nappies, birth certificate and even three outfits with one designed by Esmé. The price ranges from a pricey £279 to £344 and fans that snap up their very own baby Jace doll will be invited down to the Mary Shortle shop for a tea party with The Ingham Family, where they'll get to meet Jace IRL.

Watch the video here.

"We are beyond excited to be working with the lovely Mary Shortle on this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, strictly limited edition baby Jace," Sarah said in the video. "This was made to represent Jace when he was two weeks old, similar to the age in the photo that you will receive on the birth certificate if you buy one of these beautiful baby Jace dolls.

"I can't believe how like him it is. It's exactly the same. Especially when Jace has his hat on, it's so cute. This is little Jace and there's going to be 250 of these made. That's all. Once they're gone, they're gone."

People couldn't fathom why anyone would want to do or buy this and accused the family of exploiting their youngest child.

What do you think? Is this creepy or cute?