Instagram Is FINALLY Fixing The Timeline... Sort Of

23 March 2018, 10:45 | Updated: 23 March 2018, 10:54

Zoella and Alfie looking at an iphone
Zoella and Alfie. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

Is it enough?

After months of negative feedback, Instagram are finally making changes that will give users a more chronological timeline.

Back in March 2016, Instagram announced that they would be doing away with the chronological timeline in favour of an algorithmically-controlled feed, with the aim of showing you "the moments we believe you will care about the most." But despite the best of intentions and several tweaks to the algorithm, almost nobody on earth has been happy with the change, as the algorithm favoured posts that received lots of engagement as soon as they were uploaded, privileging big brands and influencers over the average Instagram user.

Today, Instagram announced a new update to the algorithm which should hopefully fix that issue - at least partially.

"We’re... making changes to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed," Instagram said in a blog post. They added, "With these changes, your feed will feel more fresh, and you won’t miss the moments you care about," suggesting that the changes will provide a compromise between having the timeline in perfect chronological order and giving popular posts a prime spot in your feed.

Instagram also revealed that they are stopping the app from automatically refreshing when you open it, and adding a "New Posts" button. "Tap the button and you’ll be taken to new posts at the top of feed — don’t tap, and you’ll stay where you are," they explained on the Instagram blog.