Instagram's New Feature Is Thirsty As Hell And Everybody Hates It

11 July 2018, 11:22 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 16:14

Instagram's new Ask Me Anything feature. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

It's been 24 hours and the internet is already over it.

Instagram's latest feature turns your Insta Story into a space where anyone can ask you any question they want - and it's annoying as hell.

This week, Instagram rolled out the latest in its seemingly never-ending stream of new features - the "Questions" sticker - which allows your followers to ask you open-ended questions that you can answer however you want. Before long, every last Instagram users' Story had been turned into an extensive interview space, thanks to this new feature; and people are already getting tired of it.

Instagram Questions Are NOT Anonymous And People Are Freaking Out

People are really hating it

There's no doubt that the new Questions sticker has sent Instagram Story thirst levels through the roof, but despite the new feature getting on everybody's last nerve, it's almost certain to be a hit, judging by the extreme popularity of other question apps such as Curious Cat and AskFM.

How to use Instagram's "ask me anything" feature

1. Take the video or photo you want to use on Instagram Stories

2. Tap the stickers icon in the top-righthand corner

3. Tap the "Questions" sticker

3. Either edit the "Ask me a question" text that appears, or leave it as it is.

How to view questions people ask you on Instagram stories

1. View the Insta Story post you shared your Questions sticker on

2. Swipe up to view the questions people have asked you

3. Tap a question to share it onto your Instagram story, and add your response

Is Instagram's new ask me anything feature anonymous?

Nope! You can see the identities of everyone who submits questions to you - so no trolling!